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2143 Boulevard Place
Indianapolis, IN 46202

(317) 602-3528

Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist School is a Pre-K - 8th elementary school that has been in the downtown Indianapolis community educating students and enriching families for over 80 years.  Our online home is where you can find news, images, blogs, calendar of events for everything going on here at Capitol City. 

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This is the official place to get news and views of everything related to Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist School. Comment, share and stay tuned.


Pilots Wanted!

Capitol City SDA School

Aircraft carriers are one of the most majestic modern marvels of engineering.  They are the centerpiece of the forces needed for a military to be truly effective.  These machines are longer than 3 consecutive football fields and can hold about 60 aircraft.  When an aircraft sets sail it has a specific mission.  The aircraft, the supporting equipment and the personnel must work together as a team to accomplish the mission and fulfill the orders of the Commander and Chief.  So what does an aircraft carrier and planes have to do with you?


Capitol City Seventh-day Adventist School is the aircraft carrier with the express mission of "kindling the flame to light the beacons of tomorrow". The mission is from our Commander and Chief, Jesus Christ.  It's cargo (the scholars) is cared for by its attentive crew (the faculty & staff).  The aircraft carrier's planes are the events and programs conducted for the benefit of the school and community.  These aircraft are piloted by the Teachers and PTO members and are powered by hard work and harder prayer.

Recently, parents and teachers met to discuss school fundraising options.  Some of the options discussed included another catalog fundraiser, box tops for education, family night with the Pacers, santa's gift shop, b-ball tournament, grant writing, read-a-thon, spelling bee, penny drive and jump rope.  Our school has a lot of potential planes on its flight deck, but not enough pilots and supporting crew to help prep the planes and help them take off and land.  

What the school and the PTO needs is for you to volunteer to be a pilot, crew member and/or supporter of these planes.  Not only are these planes going to be able to take off without you, our school will not take off and reach its full potential either without your support.  Please contact Wayne Burrell ( / 317-348-4354) to learn more about these opportunities to faithfully support education.  Help us fly a plane.